November 26, 2007

Day 1

Well can you believe it I´ve got my own blog...:-)

As I´m all spent now having miraculously succeeded in creating it, I´m straight out of ideas and time and energy to write something meaningful...I think for today my welcome-note has to say it all!!!

While I´m sitting here chewing vegan candy (I care for my dentist...), I will say farewell for now and come back fresh another time to bore the living hell out of you with my reasons for living a vegan life...

Sweet dreams to all of you!!! (Or good morning, wherever you are...:-))

1 comment:

Indy said...

Nice! Your poll is really interesting, I wonder how people will answer the question...
I like the welcome note, it's so true. Share your ideas! : )

*hug* Indy